Day: May 2, 2019

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Service

Laser skin treatment business is booming. With more and more women and men getting laser body hair removal done, there has been allot of ambitious, but unqualified practices and individuals truing to get a piece of the the market share, which was 450,000 treatments in 2008, an estimated 500 million dollar industry.Read this article

The marketplace is getting more crowded, and in an effort to lobby for your business some practices have made claims that have been misleading. Is laser body hair treatments permanent? Well let’s look at the numbers.

A laser skin treatements and hair removal procedure consists on an average of 6 treatments, these treatments are usually conducted once a month for six months. 80% to 90% of ideal candidates for laser skin treatements or hair removal, will achieve up to 80% of hair treatments in 4 to 7 sessions. In between these sessions, some patients may experience the natural hair growth cycle but will notice that the hair will grow back space and lighter in color. As the sessions continue the hair will become more sparse and lighter and eventually will be either gone or be practically unnoticeable. Multiple sessions ensures that future hair growth will be limited. In most cases the clients choose to shave their hair in-between treatments.

Finding an office that provides professional and expert services is imperative in finding the best and most affordable laser hair removal service available. Laser body and skin treatment depends heavily on the area and size of area that is need to be treated. Most places are going to recommend that you have a minimum of six treatments and an average treatment will run in the range of $250 and $450.

Before you contact a laser body and skin treatment center you should have in mind what area you would like to be treated. A larger section of your body that needs to be treated will be more expensive than a smaller section, in addition, if the area that needs to be treated has dense, dark and coarse hair, more treatments may be needed than an area that is light, sparse and thin.

You can avoid high costs in laser hair removal if you research different clinics and visit the clinics that perform procedures, for example some of the lower costing laser hair removal clinics are smaller medical spas that perform laser body and skin treatments in non-private facilities and are merely armed with a laser hair removal gun and don’t have the certifications to perform laser skin treatments. On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive cosmetic surgeon may to be the best or most experienced laser skin specialist, just because they can put a high price tag on something doesn’t mean they are any good.

There are a lot of factors that weigh into the laser hair or skin treatment procedure, and finding the right specialist to perform the procedure will save you time and money.

Most laser skin specialist recommend annual maintenance sessions to be conducted at a minimum once a year, depending on hair and skin type. Patients with darker complexions seem not to need annual maintenance sessions, and-although rare-complete hair regret hair occurs only in patients with blonde hair.

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