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How to Train Your Dog to Sit-A Guide

Training your dog to sit is not complicated. The method you’ll use to train your dog to sit is known as the “lure and reward” method. You’ll lure your dog into a sitting position and then reward her right away. It’s a popular method because it’s successful, easy for you to do, and easy for your dog to learn. A great “side-effect” of this method is that it allows a natural motion to become a visual cue… a form of sign language for your dog. This is so cool!

Dogs are very visual and they often respond to body motions better than they do to sounds. Keep this in mind because sometimes it can work against you: to your dog, your voice may be saying one thing while your body language is saying the opposite. In dog communication, body language trumps verbal language every time. Imagine being able to use hand signals as commands for your dog when you’re on the phone, or too far away for your dog to hear you. It’s definitely something worth pursuing. So let’s get on with training your dog to sit.useful reference

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

  1. Load up your pocket, a bag or pouch with treats.
  2. T
  3. ake your dog to an area where there won’t be a lot of distractions.
  4. While your dog is standing, put a treat in your hand, and move your hand to within an inch or so of your dog’s nose. Make sure she smells the treat hidden in your hand and is focusing her attention on it.
  5. Move your hand slowly backward, about an inch over her head, between her ears, toward her tail. Keep your hand low over her head so she doesn’t try to leap up to get the treat.
  6. As your dog watches your hand with the treat move just above her head, she will raise her chin up-and her butt will plop down into a sitting position. When that happens, immediately give her the treat and say “Good!”
  7. Now move a few steps away. Get your dog to stand and follow you.
  8. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5.
  9. Did you notice you haven’t told her to “Sit” yet? Don’t say that until you can get her to sit consistently by moving your treat-filled hand over her head, toward her tail. Once you’re sure she’s going to do this properly the next time you do that, say “Sit” a split second before you start moving your hand. When she sits, immediately reward her with the treat and “Good!”
  10. Repeat this process five times, saying “Sit” just before she does so.

If your dog backs up instead of sitting down as you move your treat-filled hand over her head and toward her tail, position her so that she’s facing out of a corner and cannot back up without hitting the wall. Practice this lesson two or three times each day during the week. Vary the time of day and location. Do no more than five repetitions during each lesson. Reduce the number of repetitions as your dog learns… eventually asking her to sit just once, two or three times a day. Dogs tend to learn to sit quickly, and repeating the lesson too often will only make them bored. After a few of days of successful “Sit” practice, start to focus a bit on your hand movement. As you move your treat-filled hand over your dog’s head and toward her tail, begin to emphasize an upward sweep of your hand… less over her head, more in an upward curve toward your body.

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Plan Your Future With Equity Release

Retirement is a situation and brings several complications for many people. However, people planning for such circumstances are able to enjoy their retirement period to the fullest. But those who are yet to plan need to do it immediately. Old age brings so many problems along with it. Securing one financially during the period is the major concern. Yes, pension is there for the retirees but the costs in the present day are increasing. Moreover, if the retirees suffer from health problems, then, it is not possible. Therefore, under such situations, the retirees can invest in the equity release schemes. Many equity release companies are available which provides both the financial assistance and also psychological strength to the retirees.this page.

Equity release companies offer several equity release plans but the retirees need to fulfil some criteria before they opt for such kinds of plans. “Age” is considered as an important element here which should be given first preference. With this, the retirees must be owning a property and that needs to be in a very good condition. And at last, the property to be given as an equity should be free from all debts and dues respectively. The retirees should fulfil all the factors mentioned above. The retirees getting many benefits from such companies opt for the same. But, before making any sort of agreement, the individuals should be sure that they are aware of the clauses clearly mentioned in the schemes.

The two common plans which are provided by the equity release companies are the home reversion plans and the lifetime mortgage plans respectively. In the home reversion plans, the retirees have the capability to give the property entirely either or only a portion of the property. And against the property, they can receive the lump sum amount, which is to get discounted later. It also allows the retirees to stay in their property till their death. Whereas, in the lifetime mortgages, the retirees are able to secure loans against their property. Here, they have choices for repayment. The retirees can make repayments monthly or can select other available plans. Both these schemes under the equity release plans offer financial security to the retirees efficiently. Various plans provided by the equity release plans have good advantages. Retired life is said to be secured going for such plans. Therefore, it can be said that it acts as a protection cover for the retirees.

Water Damage Repair Phoenix In Home

Water Damage is a very common problem that any one can face at any point. It can be a nightmare and can happen everyday to million of homes across Florida. To some extent, it considers a very small problem that can be solved by just making a single call to the plumbing services. But, sometimes this can be a severe issue as it can create mold or fungus and can create health issues. Thereby, it is highly recommended to consult water damage removal services in Florida.Do you want to learn more? Visit Water Damage Repair Phoenix.

For starting up the water damage repair process, the primary concern is to identify the exact location of the building and to which extent. That is going to be a bigger task which is not only to identify the extent but to figure out the location and reason. So, that it would not happen again. The reason can be numerous like leakage pipe, weather or main busted water resource. However, there are many professionals for water damage restoration in Florida that will help you to sort out water leakage at your home.


Clean up and Restoration Steps For Smart Solution:

Step 1: Open up all doors, ventilation and windows to dry place to avoid moisture. It also needs to get dehumidifiers in order to avoid the mold and other bacteria.

Step 2: Figure out the extent of the leakage and if needed, call out water restoration companies in Florida.

Step 3: This is the time to keep your belongings safe. Due to the water leakage, valuable furniture can gets damaged due to the leakage. So, keep your stuff safe and clean it immediately and be ensuring that its get dehumidifier.

Step 4: be sure that he process of dehumidifier gets successful to every possible extent or it can give rise to many health issues or moulds.

Step 5: when all the water cleaned up and dried, consult with the service provider and fix up the problem. If the problem is fixing try to hire the best water damage retention services in Florida.

Water damage in a home can be very messy or upsetting deal to work upon. It is also an expensive process while in some cases you may suffer loss to your stuff. So, precaution is always better than cure. It is always recommended to use the quality material for water connection and keep track of the annual maintenance.

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