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5 Survival Secrets For Single Female Travellers in Australia

When Jodie, 25, separated from her partner, she visited her doctor suffering from depression. The thought of a long cold Chicago winter didn’t help either. She had always wanted to visit Australia and her doctor’s advice to “go somewhere warm and sunny” was just the impetus she needed. But as Jodi discovered there are hazards for women travelling alone.I strongly suggest you visit navigate here to learn more about this.

    Here are 5 hints for savvy, solo singles.

Jodi had done her homework and she knew there were things solo women travellers should do and things they should never do. If you are a single traveller, these tips for visitors to Australia described by her as a “singles and backpackers paradise”, will help make your trip of a lifetime, happy, safe and memorable. If you are visiting in the Aussie Summer, you might even get a Valentine’s Day surprise!

1. Travel light.
On a recent trip to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, I met a girl from Austria carrying a backpack that would have challenged a weightlifter. She was complaining of back pains and looked miserable. She had received no advice about what to take and included many clothing items because “they might come in handy”. Remember, Australia is a warm country and you won’t need heavy, bulky clothing. Two items you should not take are bulky winter pajamas and towels. Most hotels and hostels are air conditioned and towels are cheap and easy to hire.

2. Healthy travel.
If you are visiting Australia from the Northern Hemisphere, chances are your flight could be up to 24 hours or even longer. Regardless of destination, airline or aircraft, the smart travel advice is the same: Plenty of water, no alcohol, walk around the cabin a lot and no sleeping tablets.

3. Arrival times.
Try to organise you airline schedule so that you arrive in Australia between 9am and 3pm. Night time arrivals can be hazardous for single females arriving in a strange city in the darkness, particularly if you are tired. Most large cities have an efficient transport network between the terminal and city centre. Your problem then is finding your accommodation when you arrive in the city.

Sydney for example has a train service that will take you direct from the International Terminal to the heart of the city. But Sydney can be unsafe at night and taxis from the terminal are expensive. If you are being met by friends, arrival times are not so critical.

4. Stay at Youth hostels or backpacker accommodation.
For single women, hotels can be cold and lonely places. That is why backpacker hostels are so popular. They are great places to meet people and to share travel ideas and experiences in a safe, comfortable environment. Gone are the days when backpacker hostels were dirty, grotty places. Savvy guests these days are looking for places that are clean, safe and comfortable with great facilities (including swimming pools), group travel opportunities and healthy, budget meals.

They also look for hostels that are conveniently located close to transport.

When I travel around Australia, I always select and stay at hostels that have these facilities and I have a huge choice. Some of those in capital cities are brilliant. A recently opened Youth Hostel in Sydney has panoramic views of Sydney Harbour! Many are close to beaches and some are on tropical islands just a short walk from pristine, near deserted beaches.

How good is that?

5. Unwanted attention from men.
Australia is a great place to meet other singles and there are many opportunities including hostels, backpacker accommodation, football matches, beaches and pubs. If you are visiting in February, you might even enjoy a happy Valentine’s Day. But what if you are not ready for a relationship?

Lonely Planet, an Australian based travel publication, offers these suggestions: If you get unwanted attention from men, don’t say you’ll meet them later and try to get rid of them. They will turn up. Say “no” firmly and politely. Wear a wedding ring and say you’ve got four kids, if anyone asks. Yes, you shouldn’t have to, but sometimes it’s the easiest way to fend off advances.

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Influencers in jewelry design – Things to know

It may seem like a daunting task to enter the world of jewelry design, but the truth is that with jewelry kits, online supplies and videos, and the help you can find from a good company, just about anyone can create their own pieces.learn more

Jewelry Design Made Simple
When you look at a piece of jewelry at the store, you may notice the way it lays, the way all the parts coordinate, and think that you would never be able to duplicate such an effort. That just isn’t the case. You can find tools online that will let you pick every part of a bracelet, a necklace, or even earrings and put them together digitally. That way you will know exactly how your creation will look when you are done.

If you don’t want to make that much of an effort, you can always go with a jewelry kit. You will find hundreds of such kits online. Some make several pieces of jewelry, allowing you to coordinate a complete look. The key is to go in to your search with some idea of what your goal is. For example, a necklace for a bohemian outfit is very different then a pair of earrings for a formal affair.

It’s Not Just Beads
While many kits feature beads from around the world, online jewelry design doesn’t have to be just beads. In fact, many kits are built around a central pendant, use chains or leather rather than string, and so forth. Beads are wonderful, colorful, and can inspire your artistic side, but they aren’t always the right choice.

For a more subdued look, search for a pendant that can be your main note. Do you want it mounted? Perhaps it can be set along with other smaller stones? What kind of clasp do you want to use? You may even want to start your project with some pictures you have spotted in magazines so you have some direction for your creativity. Once these decisions are made, you can begin your work.

Do It Yourself, Or Not
The right companies will offer you both the option of completing your project yourself or having it put together professionally. If you opt for the former, you will receive a kit which includes everything you need to make the exact item you crafted online. All you do is follow the directions and in the end it will look just as you imagined.

If you opt for the latter, your project will be sent to a professional jewelry designer to be put together. Your item will arrive by mail, completed, and ready to wear. Best of all, it will be completely unique – something you designed yourself.