Day: June 28, 2019

Tips To Choose Best Ice Machine

  1. If you’re in the market for a commercial or home ice machine – there are things you will need to consider, to ensure you get a machine that suits your needs. For a business that requires ice, a good machine becomes of paramount importance. You will need to be conversant with the basic things necessary when choosing a machine.This guide will give you a good start for choosing the right machine. It is always essential to make an informed decision for any big purchases and the same is true for an ice machine. Here are some things to consider which will help point you in the right direction:Have a look at guide on keeping drinks cool in a bar by for more info on this.
  2. 1)- How much ice are you going to require.

Knowing what quantity of ice is required is going to ensure you get the machine most suitable for your needs.A machine that doesn’t produce enough, is likely to cost you more money. Costs such as shipping fees for a second appliance will mean that you are paying much more than you really need too.The best way to calculate your needs is to provide your average number of icr needed and then add an extra 100 to 200 pounds to that number.

2)- Determine the style of ice you need.

Questions to consider when determining the ice you need are as follows:

-Is the appliance going to be used for beverages (drinks)?

-Will your ice be used for presentation purposes?

-Do you want the ice to turn to liquid quickly or slowly?

Once you have answered these questions – some of the different styles of ice are as follows:Flake ice, nugget ice, full cubes, half cubes, crescent ice, and gourmet ice.You will need to determine the ice you need before you buy any machine. This is a vital consideration as you can not change this after your purchse, although some machines do provide different types.

3)- Determine how much space you have for the machine.

The normal size for most machines that you can buy are 22 inches or 30 inches in width. This is usually space that most people have available, but if not it is something you will need to think about.Although you may have the immediate space to accomodate a machine it is also worth considering the clearance space. The clearance space required is usually an additional 6 to 8, required on the sides and the rear of the unit. This should definitely be looked into, as anything less than specified is likely to mean your ice machine is not working at its optimal capabilities. Hopefully you have found these tips useful – they can be applied whether you are looking for a commercial or a family home appliance.