Day: June 30, 2019

Causes Of Car Accidents

  1. Car Accidents are one of the most common mishaps which occur in our daily lives. It is estimated that about 50 million people are injured in motor accidents globally. Many of these accidents are fatal in nature but mostly escape death and sustain injuries of various nature.Have a look at 2 lethal car accidents on i-75 for more info on this.

Here’s a quick look at the major causes of car accidents:

  1. Trouble with car engine or malfunction of any vehicle part
  2. The topography of the roads
  3. Maintenance of roads
  4. Way of driving

-Vehicle Malfunction

All major vehicle manufacturers have to abide by strict safety standards which have been laid down. Any breach in the safety standard by the manufacturer makes him liable for damage and claims. One recent example is the mass recall of Toyota cars across the world due to brake failures in 2010. The commonly cited examples under this category are brake failures, tyre failure and steering & suspension failure. It is advised that the vehicle is properly inspected at regular intervals of time to ensure that all components are working to the satisfaction and nothing goes wrong.

-Road Topography

Many accidents happen due to poor road way design or if the road is built in difficult terrain which does not allow the normal flow of traffic. Traffic signs and signals and controlling traffic flow can bring down the accidents effectively. Still in many places poor visibility during winter months also contributes to a number of car accidents.

-Road Maintenance

Poor or shoddy road maintenance also contributes to accidents but not to the extent serious bodily harm. Still there can be whiplash injuries and other unwanted injuries which can affect the travellers. Potholes, debris, no road-signs and improper signalling or usage of roads under construction are the major contributor for such accidents which are completely preventable if steps are taken proactively to take care of the same.

-Driver Behaviour

This by far constitutes almost 95% of all accidents that happen daily. Irrational and speedy driving or flouting traffic rules is a serious concern and strict checks need to be put in place by police to curb it. The key factors for such accidents also include drunken driving, aggressive / rash driving, driving over the speed limits, disregarding the traffic signals, not following the lane driving, tailgating another vehicle. Most of these cases go unreported since there are limited penalty attached, but these actions lead to car accidents, very serious in nature. No one really wants to be involved in an accident, but still there are accidents happening all over. In-spite of taking all precautions, if you get involved in an accident you should ensure that the right amount of compensation is provided since there would be cost involved in getting the treatment. Getting the right amount of compensation is a tedious process.

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Improve your decks using power washing

Hiring someone to come out and pressure clean your house might seem simple enough, but if you choose the wrong company, you could wind up with a headache later! So, before you pay for a pressure washing in Spring, Texas, make sure you get these 4 questions answered:


1.”What services does your price quote include?”

You might think you’re getting a real bargain on your pressure washing in Spring, Texas – that is, until you realize that your price quote includes only bare-bones service that isn’t going to get your home as clean as you want.¬† guide on why you need to hire the pros


A good pressure washing will include a full house washing, along with a pressure cleaning of your garage and screened-in porch. If you’ve got a large driveway or a big deck that also needs to be cleaned, you’ll likely need a separate quote. Luckily, the good companies will make their price quotes easy to understand so that you know exactly what you’re getting (or not getting, as the case may be). They’ll also be sure NOT to nickel and dime you!


If you’re opting for just a window washing in Aldine, Texas, instead of an entire house pressure washing, make sure that your price quote includes cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows – along with all of the screens, ledges, and tracks.


2.”What kind of equipment do you use?”

If you’re dealing with true professionals, your pressure washing in Spring, Texas will be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, your brick or stucco home will be cleaned with different equipment than your concrete driveway or patio. After all, concrete can take a lot of water pressure; brick and stucco can’t!


Bottom line – if your potential company takes a one-size-fits-all approach to every customer, you’ve got the wrong one. All of that corner cutting can actually damage your home!


3.”Do you offer anything else?”

Good companies won’t limit themselves to pressure washing homes doing a simple window washing in Aldine, Texas. They’ll also have the equipment and the expertise to handle roofs, gutters, mildew, sealant, fences, gazebos, or virtually anything else you can imagine! That way, your home or office can sparkle from front to back and from top to bottom!


4.”Are your services really worth the money?”

Ask any expert, and they’ll tell you that a good pressure washing in Spring, Texas can easily pay for itself. Not only will it save you the time and hassle of doing the work yourself, but it can actually increase the value of your home if you’re trying to sell it. After all, when potential buyers see a sparkling, mildew-free home, they’re more inclined to offer you more money!