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Law Office of Lawrence J Coogan-At A Look

Divorce means the legal dissolution of marriage. Divorce is usually one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. Apart from being stressful and painful, a divorce proceeding may also prove to be an extremely costly affair. Very often, people going through a divorce do not have sufficient resources to hire an expensive lawyer. Many lawyers in the US specialize in divorce and annulment. Money plays a vital role in the selection of a good divorce lawyer. For many people, an affordable divorce lawyer is one who charges the least amount to represent them in their divorce case.Have a look at Law Office of Lawrence J Coogan for more info on this.

When a couple decides to get a divorce, each partner suffers a monetary set back. They have to manage two families instead of one. Children suffer the most in these situations. Several organizations are actively involved in providing affordable services to people who seek a divorce and other related issues such as child custody and visitations. These organizations must raise funds from charities, private donors and the government.

Many divorce lawyers charge minimal fees when representing people belonging to middle-income and low-income groups. A typical divorce lawyer can charge up to $200 an hour. A simple divorce case may absorb ten or more hours of a lawyer’s time, amounting to $2000 or more per case. Most divorce cases are usually complicated and involve several other related matters and many more hours.

An individual seeking the services of an affordable divorce lawyer may look to the Internet for a list of lawyers, their profile and fees. There are many divorce lawyers who are involved in general practice. However, it is advisable to look for a lawyer who is an expert in divorce and custody cases, since this generally reduces the cost.

Many people are unable to pay for these legal services. Most states in the US have legal aid services that offer discounted legal services. They also offer free services to people who are incapable of hiring a lawyer to plead their case.

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Know More About Sealcoating Your Pavement

Normal every day use in addition to harsh New England weather conditions can eventually loosen the top layer of asphalt leading to erosion. This can result in moisture penetrating the asphalt, slowly breaking up the surface with New England freeze-thaw cycles. You may only notice small defects at first but these will eventually form into cracks. Cracks allow ice and water to penetrate your driveway which in time will break up the asphalt. Sealcoating can help protect your driveway from the damage caused by weather, oil & gasoline spills, oxidation and normal usage that can cause expensive repairs.reasons to invest in sealcoating 

Jet Black Finish –

Sealcoating restores that rich black appearance to your driveway. This is usually the first part of your property a visitor or potential customer will see.

Lock Out spills –

Sealcoating helps to resists damage to your asphalt caused by gasoline, oil, sand, salt and many other chemicals.

Fight Oxidation –

Oxidized pavement can benefit from sealcoating as the sealer reinstills binder into the pavement helping to prevent damage.

Weatherproof –

Our sealcoat is specially formulated to help protect your driveway from the damaging effects caused by New England weather conditions. Additionally, Sealcoat resists against the drying and discoloring effect of sunlight.


Reduce Maintenance –

Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance and depending on asphalt usage is required every few years. Keeping your driveway maintained regularly can help prevent more costly damage.

Preserve Your Investment –

A new driveway can be very expensive. Maintaining your driveway regularly can keep your driveway and property looking great for years to come.

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Competitive Intelligence and SEO

Competitive intelligence gathering can be a useful exercise that yields important information to guide your business and marketing strategy, or it can sit in a computer file and collect the equivalent of electronic dust if you’re not careful. While a competitive intelligence project can bring out your inner spy, it can also lead to confusion, misinterpretation of data, and faulty strategy-setting. Worse still, it can lead to something I call the “me too” syndrome in which you end up pushing your business into a model that’s a poor imitation of a competitor rather than an authentic and rich representation of yourself. The following 10 tips for effective gathering and use of competitive intelligence information may help you avoid the pitfalls of gathering information on your competitors while simultaneously helping you use it effectively. Have a look at useful reference for more info on this.

Tip 1: Schedule Time Regularly to Perform Research
One of the most common complaints from business owners is that they don’t have time to do competitive intelligence. They also complain that they don’t have time for market research, marketing and promotions, and you name it – they don’t have time for it. Every entrepreneur, business owner and executive is faced with this problem. Honestly, have you ever had a day in which you just had oodles of free time? Probably not. The best way to overcome this problem is to block off competitive intelligence time on your calendar as you would an appointment with a prospect or an important meeting. Block off at least one hour a month, and preferably one hour every other week. This should give you some uninterrupted time to do some internet research and begin your competitive intelligence-gathering efforts.

Tip 2: Keep a List of Competitors Handy for Future Research
One time-saving tip I like to share is the handy spreadsheet; keep a list of competitors on your spreadsheet for future reference. Include the date last researched, the name of the competitor, and the URL of their website, and leave the last column blank to type in any research notes. This ensures that each month, when you sit down to conduct your competitive intelligence work, you’ll have the list handy and won’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Tip 3: Listen to Your Customers When They Mention Other Companies
Your customers are an invaluable resource of information about your competitors. If they mention that someone else does the same thing for cheaper or better than you do – note the name. That’s a competitor. Whenever I get a call from a prospective customer, I always ask, “How did you hear about us?” Often they will mention they visited a competitor’s website first and then came to us, or they used a competitor’s services and weren’t happy with either the price or the results, so they are seeking a new vendor. The companies, products and individuals they mention may be competitors, and provide you with great information to start your research-gathering efforts.

Tip 4: Track Products and Services, Messages and Offers
Many people make the mistake of simply tracking the overall efforts of their competitors. It’s important to note not just the direction the competing company is headed in, but what new products and services they are offering. Look at the messages they are using to describe their products and services, and any prices, sales or special offers to entice customers to buy from them. Are they retiring programs? Adding new ones? Touting research projects? Offering special events or announcing participation in a trade show? Each of these pieces adds up to the big picture of the activities of your competitor, and merits tracking and monitoring.

Tip 5: Sign Up for Competitors’ Emails and Social Media
To make your job easier, sign up for your competitors’ press releases, email newsletters and announcements, and major social media sites. You’d be amazed at how much they share with their customers, information that you can obtain freely and publicly. You can even set up a Google Alert to monitor new information and articles published about them.

Tip 6: When You’re Stuck Looking For Information, Search on a Key Executive’s Name
Here’s a useful trick I learned when researching an industry for which there was little published information about industry revenues, market growth, demographics and more; use a key company executive’s name as the search term and see what pops up. In my specific example, the executive had an unusual last name, and when I typed her name into the search engine, the result was several articles in which she was quotes about the detailed demographics of the industry I was researching. If you know the names of your competitor companies, then you can find out the names of key executives. To find any interviews they may have participated in, search their names. You may unearth some golden nuggets of information.

Investment In SEO

Investing in SEO is definitely a sensible business decision as the benefits of doing the same are many. With search engine optimization, you can achieve better online visibility for your website, products, services and other aspects of the business. Users will easily and frequently find you in the online world which can help boost brand awareness. Your website will perform better in search engine ranking pages (SERPs) which will ensure a superior conversion. Plus, optimization is always the most affordable way to drive traffic to the website and realize the true potential of the business news

Here are the reasons why investing in SEO could be the best business decision for you ever –

1.Your website will get organic traffic

Paid advertising techniques may deliver instant results but they are not good for the long term. Unlike them, SEO services are a long-term investment as they help your website get organic traffic. Such traffic will stay for longer as ensure benefits long after the effects of investment subside. Although optimization efforts take some time to bear fruits, your business can stick with them and ensure a fail-proof marketing strategy for the future. With SEO, it’s a one-time investment in winning traffic and visitors for your website and business alike.

2.Your business with gain trust & credibility

SEO not only helps your website perform well in search engines but also delivers the target audience great and effective user experience. The authority of your website will increase manifold on the web due to the presence of quality backlink profile and optimized content and elements. Your websites, products, and services will feature in searches of users on a frequent basis which can help win their trust. And once trust is there, credibility automatically follows the suit. After all, you take an effort to give a better experience to users.

3.There will be a boost to traffic, conversions, and engagement

It’s possible for your business to leverage local SEO services in Delhi and optimize your digital presence and properties for a specific or particular location. This will help people find your website and products easily and quickly. A business can choose the region, town or market it aims to cater and then do optimization to boost engagement and traffic levels. It can benefit from the local listing and social media profiles to increase the base of the business. This is how conversions get a boost.4.You can impact the buying cycle

Businesses today are using the power of SEO to impact the buying cycle and influence search decisions of customers. They can offer products and services based on the search preferences of the target market and this can help impact the buying cycle. More importantly, customers can be targeted based on demographics and once that happens, there is always a probability to affect what they buy. Once the buying cycle is impacted, there will always be better chances of increasing sales and revenues in the process. That’s why more brands now look to capitalize on optimization to reach out to a wider market and audience easily.

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Develope Trading Plan

You must have a plan if you intend to trade and be successful. Everyone tells you this. You hear it in seminars and read it in books, but most often the specifics are lacking. That leaves a trader learning the profession, to wonder what kind of plan he or she should develop and what that should involve. But finding no real specific guidance, he is left to wonder what to do. So…..most often, the trader will fall back to the approach he or she has used before, NO PLAN.this page

It is not that you intend to NEVER develop a trading plan, it is just that you are unsure of how to go about this development, and thus you put it off. You can develop a plan next week, or next month, or who knows when, but right now you don’t know how to do that, so you put you mind on pushing ahead with your trading. The plan can come later. You are unsure where to start, so you put it off.

The idea behind a trading plan is quite simple. It is a guide for the trader. It is nothing more than a set of rules that the trader himself has decided are essential to his success. He has decided on these elements, through a period of careful consideration, during which he was not exposed to the stresses of the market. His guide therefore should be based on a logical consideration of important elements, not emotional feelings. The hope is then that when the trader is exposed to trading situations that cause fear and anxiety, he will STILL follow these elements which he deemed essential, and in so doing, steer away from making grave errors.

As stated, a trading plan is a set of rules. These rules then act as a guide for the trader, a roadmap that will keep him from diverting into unwanted behavior. What type of rules should we include? That, of course, is up to the trader. But lets start with understanding why these rules are necessary.

Sun Tzu was a warrior, an ancient Chinese military general. He was a leader. He left this earth many centuries ago, and yet his treatise on battle, THE ART OF WAR, is still selling briskly. He wrote of military ideas after leading successful campaigns himself. He is credited with the following:

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The stakes in trading are not quite the same as those in battle. Yet the confrontation is quite similar. You are up against another whose intentions are quite opposite from yours. Your goal is to defeat him and his to defeat you. (The futures markets are a zero sum game…..for you to win, someone must lose). However silly it may sound to liken trading to battle, I assure you the two are similar. The idea that you must defeat your opponent, the need for planning ahead, the stress of confrontation when things do not go as expected which brings anxiety and fear, these are all elements of both trading and battle. Sun Tzu realized long ago what Grant, Sherman, Patton, Rommel would find out much later. To succeed you must plan.

A general who goes into battle without first assessing his adversary, planning his strategy and tactics, and making considerations for the unexpected, will find himself trying to make those decisions under considerable duress when things do not go as expected. The same is true in trading.

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Strategies to Help Your Children Process Their School Day

Few challenges your children will face growing up have as long term consequences as their grades. Grades in junior high determine what courses you take in high school. Grades in high school determine what college you can be accepted in to. Grades in college can affect your first job and whether you start out early in the career of your choice.weblink

Below are some tips to help you help your children perform well in school:

1. Read with your children – Reading is at the heart of all learning. It is never too early to read to your children. Infants benefit form mother/father and baby closeness and learn from the sounds they hear as words are spoken. Toddlers learn new words and sentence structure. Older kids learn pronunciation and word meaning. Once your kids can read, have them trade sentence for sentence with you or read to you. You should read or be read to at least every other day.

2. Help them to develop good study habits early – Homework must always be done before t.v. or video games. Projects must be worked on before the day they are due. Every test and quiz should be studied for. Studying should take place in a quiet location with no distractions.

3. Get involved with your kids’ teachers – The best way to know what your kids are being taught is to attend all parent teacher conferences, join the PTO/PTA and even ask your kid’s teachers to allow you to sit in on a class. If you have questions about the curriculum, ask. If you have feedback on the curriculum, homework, etc. give it to the teachers. Take notes when you meet with teachers and try your best to follow their suggestions for your children at home.

4. Have siblings help – Having your children help their younger siblings accomplishes two objectives. It helps the younger ones since learning from kids can be very effective. It also help your older kids learn given that one of the best ways for kids to learn is to teach others.

5. Consider public school alternatives – If a traditional public school setting is not working for your child because she needs more personal attention or she lacks the attention span necessary to succeed in a lecture-based teaching program, you may want to consider home schooling or enrollment in a charter school that provides smaller classes and more personalized attention.

6. Make valued activities contingent upon good grades – Making a favorite sporting activity, club or other group activity dependent on studying hard and getting good grades can be a great motivator.

Above all, be involved. A few C’s are nothing to be alarmed about, but continued mediocre performance in grade school is a huge warning sign that your child may not be getting everything he needs from school. If children struggle through elementary school, they lack the foundation needed for junior high and high school. Sub-par performance in high school virtually guarantees difficulty in college.

Making it clear that school work is a priority is often enough to motivate your children to work hard. When parents stay involved with homework, grades and lesson plans it virtually guarantees that their children will work harder to get the most out of school.