How To Sell Your Home To An Investor-Tips

Most homeowners who need to sell their house quickly are hesitant to use an investor. Their main question is “why should I sell my house to an investor?” That is a great question for someone who ordinarily deals with traditional means of selling a home. In today’s market there are three main ways to sell your house: List the home with a realtor, sell the house yourself, or have an investor purchase the home. Each option is good for different situations. The focus of this article is selling your home to an investor. The top three reasons to sell to an investor are:

They Sell Homes Quickly. Most homeowners in today’s market want to sell their homes ASAP. They could have lost a job and can no longer afford the home, relocating, facing foreclosure, or it could be a rental property and they can not find a new tenant so the homeowner is paying two mortgages. Sometimes people inherit a house and do not want to deal with paying to have repairs done to the home and just want to get rid of it.For better¬†tips, visithow to sell your home to an investor.

Most homeowners are finding that working with a real estate agent is no longer a “fast” process. In today’s market homes are sitting on the market for an average of six months. Six months is a long time to wait when you have to make two mortgage payments.

Investors on the other hand have private funds that they do not obtain from the bank. As a result of the private funds they are able to purchase homes in as little as 1 week.

Flexible Offers. Investor’s offers are structured different for each homeowner. Offers are made based on the seller’s needs. The homeowner can receive their cash in a lump sum, or accept monthly cash flow.

Investors are able to have various options unlike real estate agents who are waiting for a buyer to come along with bank funding. Investors are capable of this because they are not waiting on bank approval for funding they deal with private funds. Investors are also aware of additional solutions that may meet the sellers’ needs that most homeowners are unaware of.

No Repairs Needed. Investors will buy homes that most buyers are not interested in. Investors are willing to buy homes that have fire damage, mold, roof problems, leaking pipes, most major problems. Most buyers would not even entertain purchasing a home with any of those conditions. As a result having a real estate agent list your home could take months, maybe even years to sell.

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