Paint Your House With Ease

Painting your house or repainting it is like cooking. If you plan beforehand and have prepared the materials, it could become a lot simpler and exciting. This is because painting does not necessarily require lots of skills and resources to start with. A new paint can make your home looks new and more appealing. Below are some tips on how to do it like a pro.

Prepare the tools
You need a roller with an extension pole for the wider and high walls portions. A brush for painting the edges, ceiling trims and baseboards need to be prepared. Include also stirring sticks, trays, painter’s gloves and paint buckets in your list.paint tips┬áhas some nice tips on this.

Opt for Quality
If you economize your paint, there is a big possibility that you need to repaint it sooner than you think. Quality paint provides a better coverage and durability than cheaper ones. A good paint job could last 6 to 7 years except for the kitchen where it could be lower because of wear and tear.

Retouch Old Walls
If your walls are cracked, it needs to have a primer sealer and two coats of paint for light colored paints. Severely cracked areas should be patched first with a sealer then sanded smooth.

Determine paint needed
You can always calculate the number of gallons of paint you need in painting your home. Calculate first the area of the walls and ceilings then subtract the areas that you don’t need to paint like the doors and windows. It could give you an approximate square footage that you need to paint. A gallon of paint usually takes in approximately 350 square feet of space. Never buy a gallon and a fraction thereof. Always round off to a full gallon. You can always utilize the excess paint for touch ups later.

Types of paint to be used
There are two possible types of paint that use will use in painting your home. One is the latex paint which is a water-based paint and can be easily cleaned with water. The other is the oil-based paint which requires thinner to be removed. Both types of paints run in matte, semi gloss and gloss colors. For inexperience ones, it is advisable to use the semi-gloss latex paint because it is easy to use, clean up fast, dries up quick and will not give off too much fumes. Ventilating the room is necessary for all types of painting jobs. Using the oil based paint would require you to wear a mask especially on a dry sunny day. It would take a little longer for the oil-based paint to dry up as compared to the latex paints.

Painting makes your home look new and is always well worthy of doing. Just make sure of doing it the right way to save expenses, time and effort. Having an inexpensive painting project could add a solid value to your home and can make you enjoy more the comforts it provides for more years to come.

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