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A Guide To Best Dumbbells

Trying to find the best dumbbell that will fit you may be a challenging task. Even when you check the different reviews of online customers, you will find varying points of view regarding the adjustable dumbbells and the solid cast iron hex dumbbell. If you read them, you might even end up more confused than before. If you are serious in purchasing the fitness equipment, you might want to read few of the reasons why fitness enthusiasts go for the adjustable set.Do you want to learn more? Visit this website.

Space savers

Fitness enthusiasts who have limited space at home prefer the adjustable weights like the Cap Barbell Classic 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set. This is because the single set of dumbbell can replace up to nine dumbbells of fixed types. Thus, if you are living in a small condominium or you are renting a room or you simply want more training space in your home, go for the adjustable types. Since there are several manufacturers of adjustable weights, you can easily find the one that fits your needs. When you are done using your fitness equipment, you just have to place them in their rack and store them under your. The next day, you just have to pull them again and you are ready to train once more.


This may sound a little absurd but yes, adjustable dumbbells like the cap barbell classic 50 lb or the powerblock dumbbells are more cost effective. Since you only buy the set once, you do not have to get an entirely new set when you improve your strength level. Although the solid cast iron hex dumbbells will only cost you a few dollars, it still means more expenses on your part. When you are stronger and you need to progress to the next level of your training, your current fixed weights become useless. You have to buy for another set and the cycle goes on and on. If you are serious with your exercise, you must always go for the adjustable weights. But if you only foresee yourself with one weight lifting workout, then the fixed solid cast iron are preferable.


Since the adjustable dumbbells come as one set and in one rack, they provide you with the most compact fitness equipment. The space saver feature plus the portability make them highly convenient for constant travelers. If you have to go on vacation and you want to bring the dumbbells with you, all you need is to place them at your car’s compartment and you are ready to go. They are especially helpful for trainers who attend sports tournament and weight lifting training. Since they are equivalent to nine fixed dumbbell sets, it is like bringing them all with you but less all the bulk. With these information in mind, the next step of your decision making process is the manufacturer of the adjustable weights. Since they come in many brands, you should also read the reviews about each of them so you can weight their pros and cons.

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