Water Filtration System Installation-An Info 

Have you ever had a glass of water that had an offensive odor or taste to it from your faucet? Ever felt unclean, itchy or have irritated skin after a bath or shower? Well then you most likely have water that has iron, sulfur, high acidity, hardness or chlorine in it. These cause many problems with your household appliances that use H2O to clean your belongings, or they can be a costly repair if you let the problem go for too long.

Here are several of these conditions and how to go about getting it repaired. You need a reliable company that treats these problems with simple equipment. They will also test to see what kind of treatment you will need to have safe drinking and bathing H2O for you and your family.More info here Water Filtration System Installation.


It is frequently found in well supplies. Iron will cause brown and orange stains, it can tinge, and it may even have a terrible taste. High concentration can cause low pressure. Iron will block water heaters and other water-based appliances making them need to be replaced or repaired. Use an Iron filter to correct. Have professional come out to perform tests if you have these signs.


Easy to distinguish by the odor of rotten eggs. Very strong smell. Usually made from byproduct of hydrogen-sulfide gas decomposing. It is usually treated with chlorine in regulated amounts with chemical injection system. This causes a problem of the homeowner needing a chlorine filter for the extra chlorine. Find a company that doesn’t use the chemical injection system.


When there is high acid amount, then there is a low pH. Acidic H2O can be costly if not treated quickly, since it eats copper plumbing and water-using appliances. It has blue-green stain that builds up in bathtubs and around the drain of your sink. An acid neutralizer, such as alkaline calcite, is used to raise the pH.

Water Hardness

This is caused by dissolved rocks like calcium and magnesium. It is in the city water and wells. Duration of water-using appliance shortened. It will clog plumbing, lower the pressure, add to build-up of soap scum, and can leave spots on your dishes.  Hard H2O will dry your skin and harm your hair. You need a water conditioner from a professional who will establish the level of hardness of your H2O.


Unfortunately, chlorine is added to H2O by the city to make sure that the H2O you are using for all activities is bacteria free. There is over-chlorination when this occurs in most H2O. In high levels, it will have an obnoxious taste and odor. Skin can have discomfort from the excess of chlorine. The treatment is either a sink filtration system or whole house filtration. The whole house filtration recommended since chlorine does go through your skin when bathing. These are just several reasons why it is very important to have a professional come out and test for any of these problems before they end up costing you lots of money and time.